Welcome to Alaska Spring & Performance Service Department

We aim at improving your driving experience with the expert knowledge and understanding that comes with professional mechanical and technical understanding. Our team is constantly keeping informed and in touch with the advancements in automotive engineering practices to ensure we are able to apply the latest and most effective processes and procedures to your vehicle. More than that, We are here to support you and your vehicle with services and advice that will keep you on the road for years to come.

It’s a simple fact that regularly serviced cars last longer and operate better than those left to age without proper care and attention. At Alaska Spring and Performance, we believe in providing drivers with the necessary and relevant information to give you the confidence that our team knows what they’re doing. Let us make your driving experience the best it can be!

Should you be looking for a service that is not listed above please feel free to contact us. As always we aim to provide the best customer service to go along with our state-of-the-art Service Department and will work alongside you to explain and explore the options that are in the best interests of you and your car.

Reach out to us at Call 907-563-3802 and schedule your appointment with Alaska Spring & Performance today. We look forward to helping you with all your vehicle needs.